I recently began my franchise experience. Jerry was there with me the whole way. From the start, Rieder Franchise Consulting did a great job of narrowing down my interests and suggesting franchises that aligned with my goals, objectives, and needs. He provided excellent franchise options and a smaller scope of work that I could actually go out and tackle without feeling overwhelmed. He also gave me some good insight into some of the key aspects of franchises to analyze and be aware of, and had the valuable familiarity with specific franchises to save me countless hours of time and effort that would have been required to research and acquire the same information myself. As I narrowed down my search and got more detailed into the setting up of my own franchise, Jerry provided me with many contacts and resources that either directly helped me with my decision making or provided an outlet to information for me to make decisions and find my desired path. In the end, I’ve found Jerry to be great support with valuable insight, perspective, and franchise familiarity on a global level. He’s also just a great guy that cares about not just me but the well-being of people in general. I recommend Jerry to any prospective franchise owners.